mercoledì 7 aprile 2010

Terremoto in Indonesia, 7 aprile

Messaggio di Ibu Robin

Team Bumi Sehat Aceh is all safe after the 7.8 earthquake at dawn.
There are no reported deaths in our area of Aceh Barat. The Clinic was
not damaged. We spoke with Dr. Eman, Eti, & Pak Sudung, they assure us
all is well. Ibu Rosni in Meulaboh reports minimal damage, but much
panic. .After shocks of 5+. The clinic is seeing only injuries caused
by panic, in our area there are no large buildings to fall down.
Mostly the Bumi Sehat team is focused on the Mom who is about to have
her baby there. We have not spoken yet with Dendy and Raihan in Banda
Aceh, as the phones seem to be down. They are further from the
epicenter, so we are pretty sure the City of Banda is ok too. There
seems to be no Tsunami following this earthquake, which is a huge

Thank you for your love and prayers...
Love Ibu Robin & Team Bumi Bali

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